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 Luis Mealha (Técnico de Obras)
 Production Manager

Waterproofing and Injection

Proiber performs all types of waterproofing are they of the traditional type involving traditional bitumen foils through foils of pvc, or by more innovative products and more cutting edge in topical.

By experience we have preference for products applied "in situ", which are continuous, which can circumvent obstacles with ease and that above all ensure an elasticity and resistance to weather and fatigue by period practically lifetime.

This is a critical area in buildings and is often underestimated by be a protection hidden most of the times by coatings, be they in the terrace or invert in conventional terrace. It is in fact an application that has added value but very dificult to justifie at the time you have to convince the customer to buy!

But it is certainly a huge headache and an invoice raised to repair the consequences of a waterproofing poorly studied and deficient.

A waterproofing is much more than a product and an applicator!, Its a study of flow conditions in the place you want to waterproof, and a look at the critical points and as the void and to ensure that everything works in harmony.

For the package to work perfectly accurate in the reality of a good product, good workers trained and informed and someone with a lot of experience to accompany the whole process.

The department of injection of the company operates as a supplement in waterproofing systems and can act many times as the last stronghold of a serious problem.

We use the injection of resins water-reactive to waterproof  elevator pits, swimming pools with leaks, water tanks with leakage, seepage permissions in terraces, sewage leaks, walls of containment of lands, passage of tubes in concrete, etc. ...

the injection resins prevents most of the times that you have very high costs to repair your balcony  or insist on hiding the infiltration with drywall or with trays of water collection, which in fact do not solve the problem only the shelter until one day by force of reason, this problem appears with contours much more serious! and in addition to still lack of waterproofing, those points will require structural repairs fairly costly

The injection resins prevents the water continue to cross the reinforced concrete and that this process accelerate corrosion of the armour.


  • Proiber wons his first job outside european borders
    Proiber wons his first job outside european borders
    Two technicians of proiber went to Amman in Jordan in the past 21th of Fevruary to check the flooring conditions of the job we had already quoted.
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  • Proiber has in this moment several projects in hands
    Proiber has in this moment several projects in hands
    If you have anything to tell us or ask us, be so kind to contact us! we can´t promise we do what you ask or give you what you want! but for shure we will listen your ideas!!!
  • Proiber look´s for a partner for the great britain market
    We are now trying our outmost to find a company or a professional, whith whoom Proiber intends to start working in great britain
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  • new microciment job pavement in the algarve
    proiber, is going to perform another microciment job, in a villa near olhão in the algarve
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  • injeccion job
    One more job with the mc-bauchemie, injeccion products
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  • New Web Page
    New challenge!! new utilities! the same courage and dtermination ever!!
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